Comprehensive ABA Therapy

Targeting a number of skills across a variety of areas

Children attend our centre multiple times per week for 2-7 hour sessions. During these sessions, behaviour therapists work one to one with your child and their time with the therapist alternates between two instructional settings. The first setting is fast-paced and intensive teaching sessions at a table where skills such as language, learning readiness, visual performance, academics and attending and cooperation are targeted. The second instructional setting is slower pace of instruction in a more naturalistic environment such as our playroom, craft room, outdoor space, or sensory area where skills such as communication, play, and social skills are targetted. Behaviour therapists incorporate your child’s interests and motivation where possible in order to keep your child engaged in learning. Data is collected and reviewed each session to measure the child’s progress and adjust our approaches as needed.

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Assessment process


A one-hour interview is conducted by a senior clinician with parents and caregivers to gather information about the child’s strengths, needs and areas of concern. This information is used to inform the direct assessment.


Your child will attend our centre for 2-3 sessions so our clinicians can observe the child’s behaviours and skills and to directly test areas of concern using a variety of assessment tools.

service plan and

Information gathered from the interview, the direct assessment and any other assessment reports from other providers is reviewed and summarized to develop a specific plan to meet your child’s needs and your goals. These plans are generally reviewed and updated very 3-6 months.

Meeting to
review the plan

A meeting with the family as well as any other relevant people (e.g. school team, other providers) is held to review the plan to ensure that everyone is on board with what has been identified as priority goal areas as well as to ensure that there is support for the intervention approach.

Service Fees

All services are pre-paid prior to the start of the month. Any missed time will be subject to our cancellation policy. We accept cash, etransfer and cheques as method of payment.

Assessment     $800
This is a one-time assessment and program start up fee that includes an interview, direct assessment, report with goals, meeting to review the report, program material development and set up.
Ongoing service      $70/hour

Includes: the one-to-one therapy, program materials, data collection, report writing, and parent meetings as needed.

Note: If sessions are provided outside of the centre, additional travel fees (travel time and mileage) will apply. 

OAP, Ministry or Provincial Government info

Stride Academy is an Ontario Autism Program (OAP) approved provider on the OAP Provider list. If you are receiving funds from the OAP, our services would be covered under this funding

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