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Creating a safe, supportive,
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Stride Academy offers behavioural services using approaches rooted in the science of learning, most commonly known as applied behaviour analysis (ABA). We are able to treat a variety of behavioural challenges and teach meaningful skills to improve the lives of children.

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Introducing Laura

Laura Campbell, BCBA
Clinical Director

Laura is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst who has been using ABA to improve the lives of people since 2000. She has worked in both the public and private sector, locally, provincially, and internationally. In addition, she has been teaching behaviour analysis at the post secondary level since 2006.

Laura is passionate about fostering collaborative relationships with colleagues, families, and other providers in order to provide the best service possible for families and children. In addition, she is keenly interested in helping clinicians develop an ethical and professional practice.

Laura started Stride Academy in an effort to respond to the growing demand for behavioural services in KFLA and HPE counties. Stride Academy endeavours to provide the best support to families by delivering timely and effective services, and collaborating with other professionals, all for the greater good of the families and children our communities.

Laura Campbell, BCBA
Clinical Director

Senior Clinicians

We believe in creating a safe, supportive and positive learning environment and our team is committed to delivering effective and compassionate treatment for children and youth with a variety of needs.

Katarina Fischer, BCBA
Clinical Supervisor

Katarina is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and has been using ABA with a variety of client populations since 2015. She holds a diverse educational and clinical background with experience supporting individuals across the lifespan in a variety of settings including centre-based, residential, hospital, family homes, and other community-based settings.  She provides a broad clinical lens with academic and clinical exposure to the fields of linguistics, occupational therapy, and applied behaviour analysis.  Prior to obtaining certification as a BCBA, she supported individuals with complex mental health needs, acquired brain injuries, and physical disabilities as an Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA).  Her experience within the field of applied behaviour analysis (ABA) has included working with complex interdisciplinary teams to support children, youth, and adults with autism, dual diagnoses, acquired brain injury, learning disorders, and complex mental health needs.  Specific clinical expertise includes Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT)-based approaches to address social-emotional difficulties and psychological inflexibility, as well as Practical Functional Assessment (PFA) and Skills Based Treatment (SBT).

Katarina is responsible for the daily operations of our Norris Court Site  including training and supervising the behaviour therapists and senior therapists. Katarina designs and oversees the intervention plans, monitors the progress of the children, and collaborates for families, caregivers, and other service providers. 

Brittany Dolan, BCBA
Clinical Supervisor

Brittany is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and has  been working to address the complex behavioural and mental health needs associated with diverse learners across the lifespan since 2007.  More specifically, she has worked in a variety of settings including residential, community-based, recreational, special education, centre- and home-based clinical services in individual and group-based formats.  The breadth of her experience entails supporting families in managing the severe challenging behaviour demonstrated by their child in both direct intervention and parent training delivery models.  Her clinical experience has included supporting individuals with varied diagnoses including, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), oppositional defiance disorder (ODD), conduct disorder (CD), as well as comorbid developmental, physical, behavioural, emotional, and other learning needs.  Specific clinical expertise includes Practical Functional Assessment (PFA) and Skills Based Treatment (SBT), the treatment of food selectivity and refusal, as well as the training and implementation of the PEAK Relational Training System and relational frame theory (RFT) for language-based and cognitive interventions. 

In our focused and comprehensive ABA programs, Brittany is responsible for providing training and supervision to the behaviour therapists. In addition she conducts behavioural assessments, designs intervention plans, and monitors the progress of the children. Brittany is the clinical lead on the design and implementation of our group-based programs including our therapeutic respite programs.   

Lee Anne Campbell, BCBA
Clinical Supervisor

Lee Anne is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and has been working with children and youth with complex special needs since 2002. More specifically her experience includes supporting children and youth with physical disabilities, children who are medically fragile, children with a profound intellectual disability, and children with significant communication delays who require the use of augmentative and alternative communication. In addition, she has extensive experience supporting families with a variety of needs in the public sector. Finally, she has over 10 years’ experience using the mediator model and Behaviour Skills Training (BST) in family homes and schools to support parents, caregivers, and educators in reducing challenging behaviours and teaching socially significant skills. Lee Anne is the clinical lead for the Entry to School Program where she is responsible for the supervision and oversight of the classroom-based programming as well as the design of individualized transition supports for the children in the program. In her role as Clinical Supervisor in our focused and comprehensive programs, Lee Anne is responsible for the daily operations of our Cataraqui Woods Drive site including training and supervising the behaviour therapists and senior therapists. Lee Anne designs and oversees the intervention plans, monitors the progress of the children, and collaborates for families, caregivers, and other service providers.  Lee Anne specializes in a verbal behaviour (VB) approach to language and basic learning skills, programming for activities of daily living, as well as strategies for establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships with caregivers and community partners. 

Program Lead and Senior Therapists

Nik Pankow
Program Lead

Nik graduated with distinction from the Honours Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology program at St. Lawrence College in 2014. Nik has worked for nearly a decade as a behaviour therapist and consultant for children with autism and their families, as well as a part-time placement supervisor in the HBBP program at St. Lawrence College in Kingston. Nik is passionate about community and is a member of many charitable boards and initiatives in the Quinte area, including the Stirling Festival Theatre Board of Directors, Challenger Baseball (coaching adaptive baseball), the Field of Ability Committee (million-dollar accessible baseball field in Belleville) and Stirling MILL (musical instrument lending library). In his spare time, Nik is a dedicated husband and father, an avid musician across many instruments, and a hockey-podcast-loving nerd.

Nik is the coordinator of our respite services and students placements as well as he supports the clinical work of the senior team and BT in a variety of ways.

Rachael Webb
Senior Therapist

Rachael has been providing ABA services to a variety of children and youth since 2018 as well as many placements when she attended Early Childhood Education which she graduated in 2017 with Distinction at the University of Guelph-Humber. She also attended St. Lawrence for the Autism and Behavioural Studies program and got to advance her experience with placements within the school board in Kingston and at Hotel Dieu. Rachael has also had the experience to support families in the Greater Toronto Area since 2018 and has recently moved back to support families within her hometown in the Hastings Prince Edward County. Rachael loves to support others with a gentle and welcoming approach but also allowing the opportunity to reach their full potential! You can catch Rachael outside of working hours playing with her dog, spending time with family and caring for her many plants! Helping clients and plants grow big and strong!”

Rachael is responsible for conducting behavioural assessments, assisting in the design and delivery of intervention plans and, providing staff supervision and support in direct service.

Kate Horton
Senior Therapist

Kate has been working in the field of ABA with children, youth and adults since 2015. She has worked in both clinic and community settings including group homes, schools and family homes. Kate is passionate about using a compassionate approach to ABA to support the children and youth she is working with, as well as, to support parents, guardians and other supports such as teachers, Educational Assistants, and staff in learning how to use skills in various environments. Outside of work, Kate is a dedicated mother and wife who enjoys coffee and spending time outside. 

Kate is responsible for conducting behavioural assessments, assisting in the design and delivery of intervention plans and, providing staff supervision and support in direct service.

Vincenzo MatusDiaz
Senior Therapist

Vincenzo has been working with individuals with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses since 2015. He has a Master’s degree in Applied Disability Studies with a focus on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and is currently working towards becoming a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst.

Vincenzo has provided clinical support in several settings, such as clinical, community, residential and school-based settings. He has worked with numerous learners aiding them to build on their strengths while teaching new skills in communication, social skills, emotion regulation and activities of daily living. Specific clinical expertise includes Pivotal Response Training (PRT) to teach communication, emotion regulation and social skills and using punishment procedures to reduce severe challenging behaviours.

Vincenzo is responsible for conducting behavioural assessments, assisting in the design and delivery of intervention plans and, providing staff supervision and support in direct service.

Alexis Dano
Senior Therapist

Alexis has been working to collaborate with and support individuals with diverse needs across the lifespan since 2016. She has worked with individuals, groups, and families in a variety of settings including, long-term care, recreational, residential, centre, and home-based settings. While Alexis primarily works with children and adolescents with autism, her experience extends to supporting individuals across the lifespan with intellectual disabilities, behavioural disorders, physical disabilities, and brain injuries.

The majority of her experience and exposure relates to the implementation of programming in the areas of adaptive life skills, Skills Based Treatment (SBT), ACT based learning, PEAK, social skills, and emotional regulation. Alexis is currently working towards completing her Master of Applied Disability Studies so she can continue providing informed based services to individuals and their families.

Clinical Associates

Shiri Bartman- Psychological Associate, M.A., C. Psych.,BCBA

Shiri Bartman, M.A., C. Psych., BCBA
Psychological Associate

 Shiri is a Psychological Associate registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario, and is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA). She has worked with children and young adults diagnosed with autism, intellectual disability, learning disabilities and behavioural disorders for over 20 years.
Shiri has worked in both the public and private sector providing direct service, clinical supervision, staff training, assessment, counselling and consultation both in Canada and Internationally. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Association for Behaviour Analysis (ONTABA) in a variety of positions over the last ten years. Shiri provides psychology services including psychological and psychoeducational assessments

Kim Trudeau-Craig,
Registered Psychotherapist

Kim is a Registered Psychotherapist and Board Certified Behaviour Analyst. She has worked in a variety of fields such as child, adolescent and adult mental health, brain injury, autism, learning disorders and intellectual disabilities. She has many years of experience working with individuals who present with complex needs and challenging behaviours. Kim provides mental health services to individuals who present with a wide range of diagnoses and presenting issues such as: anxiety, depression, phobias, emotional dysregulation, trauma, anger, and stress. She is also able to provide services related to parent-child issues and family conflict. Kim integrates cognitive behaviour therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and behaviour analytic approaches into the treatment she provides to clients.

Sara Beck,
Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Sara is a registered psychotherapist (RPQ) private practitioner. She uses elements of cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, narrative therapy, and solution-focussed brief therapy to help clients explore issues that are troubling them, including anxiety, trauma, grief, depression, communication challenges, and self-esteem. She is available to work with students of Stride academy, their siblings, and their caregivers. Sara is an LGBTQ+ ally and is respectful of all faiths. 

Bria Wannamaker
Registered Psychotherapist

Bria is a Registered Psychotherapist. She has worked in a variety of fields including dual diagnosis, complex mental illness, and youth criminal justice. She currently works in private practice with a wide range of clientele ages with anxiety, depression, trauma, and other mental health concerns. Bria also works as a Psychotherapist for Kingston Health Sciences Centre and works to support youth ages 16-24. She is a strong believer in the mind-body connection and recognizes the importance of both our physical and mental wellbeing. She has a passion for developing her skills as a clinician especially in the areas of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), attachment theory, Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT), developmental psychology, neuropsychology, and Internal Family Systems (IFS). 

Meaghen Shaver - Associate Behavior Analyst

Meaghen Shaver, BCBA
Associate Behavior Analyst

Meaghen Shaver has worked with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder of varying ages in both the public and private sectors, holding various positions such as Instructor Therapist, Senior Therapist, Clinical Supervisor and Consultant since 2000. More recently, Meaghen is the Coordinator and Professor in the Autism and Behavioural Science Graduate Certificate Program at St. Lawrence College. Meaghen is one of Stride’s Associate Behaviour Analysts assisting our team with a variety of clinical activities including clinical supervision and staff training.


Dr. Kieva Hranchuk,
Associate Behavior Analyst

Kieva is both a certified special education teacher and a doctoral-level board certified behavior analyst. She specializes in teacher training as well as in supervision of evidence-based service delivery to students with and without disabilities. Her interests include effective delivery of instruction, analyzing rates of learning in young children, inclusion/integration, kindergarten readiness, verbal behavior development, and the CABAS® model. Kieva is a cross-appointed Professor in Behavioural Science and Behavioural Psychology at St. Lawrence College. Kieva is one of Stride’s Associate Behaviour Analysts assisting our team with a variety of clinical activities including clinical supervision and staff training in our Academic Acceleration Program.

Michelle Holloway
Associate Behavior Analyst

Michelle Holloway has been working has been working with children, adolescents, and adults with developmental disabilities in Kingston and surrounding areas since 2006. Since becoming a BCBA in 2013 Michelle has worked as a senior therapist and clinical supervisor for children and adolescents with varied diagnoses including autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), oppositional defiance disorder (ODD), Learning Disorder, and Intellectual Disability. Michelle’s area of specialization includes teaching skills related communication, academics, socialization, play, self-management, and adaptive behavioural or life skills as well as decreasing challenging behaviours. Michelle has also taught a variety of courses and supervised placement students in the Honours Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology program at St Lawrence College since 2014.

The behaviour therapists of Stride Academy

Our amazing team of behaviour therapists are Stride’s greatest asset. They are responsible for the direct work and one to one delivery of the intervention plans with all of the children and youth in our centre. In addition, the behaviour therapists are responsible for creating engaging programming materials to support the plans, as well as collecting data during their session in order to assess learning in the moment. Our behaviour therapists communicate regularly with parents and caregivers in order to ensure that everyone is up to date on how the child is progressing in our program. Each team member has received formal training in applied behaviour analysis at the post secondary level as well as all team members participate in regular professional development in order to stay up to date with the most current and effective strategies in ABA.