Behavioural services

Delivering services based on the strengths, needs, and goals of the child and family


Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is an evidenced-based treatment approach that focuses on teaching meaningful skills, measuring progress, adjusting teaching methods as needed, with the goal of improving the lives of children and their families. ABA has been demonstrated to be effective for children with autism and other learning needs across environments and skill areas. At Stride Academy, our highly skilled clinicians design an individualized ABA-based treatment program based on a comprehensive assessment and your goals for your child.

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Focused ABA

Less than 6 hours per week of therapy to target a specific area of concern, such as emotional regulation, social skills, academics, or a specific self care skill.

Comprehensive ABA

More than 6 hours per week of therapy to target skills across a variety of skill areas simultaneously such as communication, play, learning readiness, and attending and cooperation.


Additional services

From time to time we offer a variety of groups that address a specific area of concern. These group typically run for 6-8 weeks at a time. Our group offering will be posted on our website and social media when they are available. Spaces are limited in these programs and are offered on a first-come first-served basis.


Determined based on the type of group being offered as well, the length of each group session, the level of support required, and the number of sessions.

*services provided by Stride Academy may be eligible for reimbursement through the Ontario Autism Program

A senior clinician will complete a comprehensive assessment of the child/youth across a variety of settings. A report with recommendations will be delivered at the conclusion of the assessment and parents/caregivers/staff will be trained on the implementation of the recommendations outlined in the report. Ongoing monitoring of the plan/recommendations can be provided on request. Note: this service does not involve one to one to work with the child/youth with the exception of the assessment, as this service is designed to support parents/caregivers/other providers to implement strategies provided for specific goal area and in a time-limited fashion.


$750-$900 based on 10-12 hours for the assessment, plan, and training. Ongoing support is delivered at a rate of $80-$120/hr.

One-to-one counselling/psychotherapy delivered by a registered psychotherapist. Commonly used to treat symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges. Note: this service is often covered by private insurance providers through extended health benefits.

$130/hour plus HST

Assessment and diagnostic services for ASD, ADHD, anxiety, depression and learning disabilities. Note: this service is often covered by private insurance providers.


  • $3150 for developmental assessments for diagnosis of ASD, ADHD, anxiety.
  • $3800 for psychoeducational assessments (for children 8 years old and up) for diagnosis of intellectual disability, learning disability, and other related learning challenges.
  • $4150 for combination (developmental and psychoeducational)

We offer one to one therapeutic respite as well as a variety of enhanced-respite groups in order to provide families with additional assistance (e.g Christmas Break, March Break, PA days, Summer). Groups are scheduled as space and staffing permits and will be advertised as the sessions become available on our website and social media. Spaces are limited in these programs and are offered on a first-come first-served basis.


One to one respite is $50/hour which includes clinical supervision. 

Group respite is $30/hour.  

Now offering one-on-one academic acceleration programming. Using the science of teaching and learning, as well as evidence-based curricula, our clinicians design a program that best targets your child’s academic and behavioural challenges.. This program is most appropriate for school-aged children who are struggling to develop reading, writing and math skills, as well as children who engage in challenging behaviours associated with the completion of academic tasks.


A one time assessment fee of $225 . The purpose of the assessment is to design  specific strategies that align with the strengths, needs, and  goals of each learner.

Sessions are $70/hour.

Our ABA summer skills group is a group-based program that focuses on a variety of skill areas including social skills, communication, arts and crafts, following group instructions, and various gross motor skills. Spaces for this program limited and are reserved for children and youth in receipt of our one to one services. 


Fees are set based on the level of support required for successful participation in the group. Some children will require one to one support, while others will not.  

Are behavioural services for you?

Challenges with communication and,
social skills

Does your child have difficulty communicating what they want or need and responding to others in social situations?

Challenges with
emotional regulation

Does your child have difficulty responding appropriately when they are upset or frustrated?

Challenges with self care/daily living skills

Does your child struggle with independence around dressing, toileting, and other hygiene related activities?
Disclaimer: These success stories are real, unsolicited, and from clients, staff, and students of Stride Academy.