Moving forward together

At Stride Academy, we work on a variety of meaningful skills that will help empower your child to become more independent, happier and successful at home, school, and in the community.

Care, compassion, and dedication are at the core of our work with your child and family.

This is achieved by attending to the diverse needs of each child and family, having parents as partners at each stage in this journey, celebrating each and every success, and recognizing the need to do better when things are not going as planned.

What to expect from our services

We work one-on-one with your child or in a small group and target a variety of skill areas including communication, social skills, play skills, emotional regulation, self-care skills such as toileting and feeding, academic skills, and behaviour reduction. Our goal is to work with parents, caregivers, and other providers to make a meaningful difference and help your child reach their full potential. The support your child will receive includes:

A comprehensive assessment

The assessment is used to design a program and plan that meets the specific needs of each child as well as the goals that have been identified.

An individualized service plan

The service plan capitalizes on the child’s strengths and targets skill areas that are challenging.

Ongoing progress monitoring

Ongoing data is collected so we are able to measure whether or not the child is learning and that challenging behaviours are reducing.

Ongoing parent communication and collaboration

Parent collaboration is an integral part of our service. Parents attend progress meetings and parent coaching sessions on a regular basis and receive a summary after each session.

Evidence-based approaches

Our clinicians use approaches that have proven to be effective at increasing positive behaviours and skills, and reducing challenging behaviours. These approaches provide the best outcomes for each child.

Sessions that are fun and engaging

Incorporate the child’s interest is integral to our program to ensure they are engaged and motivated to learn.

Stride Academy is committed to providing high quality and compassionate behavioural services to ensure that every child and youth has the best opportunity to succeed at home, school, and in their community.

Are behavioural services for you?

Does your child have behavioural challenges?

Emotional regulation, tolerating changes, meal-time and food selectivity behaviours, and sleep challenges are all examples of common behavioural challenges that children experience. Our trained clinicians use a comprehensive assessment to determine why your child behaves this way and designs an individualized program to address your concerns.

Does your child have specific learning needs?

Communication and language delays, attending to instructions, focusing and completing tasks, understanding social cues, and appropriate play and leisure skills are some examples of learning needs that children have. Our team creates an engaging and effective learning environment in order for each child to enjoy learning and to excel in the areas that are challenging.

Does your child struggle with self-care tasks?

Toileting, dressing, grooming, and feeding are all examples of skills that are challenging for some children. At Stride we break these skills down into manageable steps for learning in order to maximize independence during these daily tasks.

Get to know us

At Stride Academy we believe that learning should be fun and that every child has the potential to learn and grow. It is our job to unlock this potential.

Disclaimer: These success stories are real, unsolicited, and from clients, staff, and students of Stride Academy.

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