Addressing additional needs
through partner collaboration

At Stride Academy, our work is collaborative. Our team consists of family members, our clinicians, and other service providers including schools and child care centres at all stages of assessment and treatment delivery. In addition, our objective is to work with community partners to coordinate services in the most efficient and effective way for our community.

What’s on this page

Stride Academy offers high quality behavioural services using approaches rooted in the science of learning, most commonly known as applied behaviour analysis (ABA). We are able to treat a variety of behavioural challenges and teach meaningful skills to improve the lives of children. We value opportunities to collaborate with other professionals supporting the families and children of our centre, as well as well as welcome the opportunity to discuss ways that we can collaborate on innovative projects to address the broader needs and pressures of this community.

Our partners

Below is a list of our current partners who we are engaged in projects with.
If you’re interested in becoming a partner, we’d love to hear from you.